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Natural Born Talent…

I saw someone on a Youtube video this morning claiming that a very famous skateboarder didn’t get to be as good as he is by hard work, but rather by natural born talent. Not one person on this earth is born being able to drop into a vert ramp, or do a McTwist, or paint […]

PMA, horses and dinosaurs.

This came in the newsletter from the Napoleon Hill Foundation today… No one could ride a horse if the horse discovered its real strength. The same thing is true for people.Horses are massive, gentle creatures who are by far larger and stronger than the men and women who handle them, yet they docilely obey the […]

Satisfaction is the death of desire…

Is an album by Hatebreed, and I believe its a super important idea. If you are satisfied with everything, desire is dead. As an artist,or any profession, when you think you have learned everything, BAM! someone does it better and takes it further! Dissatisfaction is so important, you failed at something, desire to complete that […]

PMA and dogs.

How lucky are dogs! “They have no preconceived notions of their limitations”! And that is exactly who we should see our own lives! Children have no concept of their limitations until it’s drummed into them, but imagine the possibilities without limitations! Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it […]


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