A mind with a body…

Talking to a customer at work one day, and this guy was super posi. I mean a genuinely happy guy, smile and a handshake for all. Guy could have sold ice to eskimos. And in the middle of the conversation he said something that stuck with me “You are a mind with a body”

Now W. Clement Stone was the originator of that phrase I believe, and it stuck with me. A mind with a body, mind with a body. What does this even mean?

To me its a statement that all of your personal power comes from your thoughts, and your thoughts alone! Your ability to control your own thoughts is your power!

And everything you see around you, is a product of the mind! From the computer I’m typing this on, to the shoes on your feet to the house you live in to…. Well you get the idea! The mind is the connection between you and the universe!

Your mind is all powerful.

I’m going to go into more depth on this in an upcoming post!

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