The Grudge.

Not the films. Although the prequel TV series on Netflix is insane. But I digress. I’ve been infamous in the past for holding grudges, to the point at times I had forgotten why I even had beef with someone, and had to ask somebody else why. I pretty much woke up everyday, and decided to focus on bitterness and let those who had crossed me live rent free in my head. I made that decision!

Why the hell would anyone do that to themselves? Life is hard enough at times as it is, without creating new troubles for yourself.

There are so many more important things in life, skateboarding, art, being greeted by your pet dog when you’ve left the room for ten minutes, realising how awesome the blue in the sky really is. So many things to be grateful for.

Dwell on the awesome things in life. Wasting your entire day, week, month, years on something somebody once did pales into comparison to all of the blessings in our lives.

This post is beginning to remind me of being at school, and a teacher would say to the chaos of the classroom “It’s your time you are wasting…”

It was MY time on earth I was wasting. And what a difference a negative to positive mindset makes!

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you” – Lewis B Smedes

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