Jigsaw goals!

Jigsaw goals? What is he talking about now?

Good friend Coach Crawley posted a piece about setting goals that set my mind on a journey.

Setting goals is very like completing a jigsaw puzzle. You have a picture on the lid of the box – that’s your final goal, the image you are aiming for. You visualise this image constantly to get you to the goal.

Then you sort out the pieces, all of the edges first, the foundations, all the time referring to the picture, or visualising your goal.

The you start on the inner sections working your way through to the centre. That can take a while, you have to pick up different pieces to check what fits. Sometimes one pieces looks much like another, but it has to be right, but that’s ok, you k ow you will get there eventually. You just have to keep the aim in sight, and with perseverance you will get there!

Then, you have finished it! Towards the end you can see which pieces fit almost without looking at the box image, you but you still need that picture, that image to aim towards until the final piece of the puzzle is done!

Set your goals! Visualisation, perseverance and PMA will get you where you want to be! Just like doing a jigsaw puzzle!

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