Jigsaw goals!

Jigsaw goals? What is he talking about now?

Good friend Coach Crawley posted a piece about setting goals that set my mind on a journey.

Setting goals is very like completing a jigsaw puzzle. You have a picture on the lid of the box – that’s your final goal, the image you are aiming for. You visualise this image constantly to get you to the goal.

Then you sort out the pieces, all of the edges first, the foundations, all the time referring to the picture, or visualising your goal.

The you start on the inner sections working your way through to the centre. That can take a while, you have to pick up different pieces to check what fits. Sometimes one pieces looks much like another, but it has to be right, but that’s ok, you k ow you will get there eventually. You just have to keep the aim in sight, and with perseverance you will get there!

Then, you have finished it! Towards the end you can see which pieces fit almost without looking at the box image, you but you still need that picture, that image to aim towards until the final piece of the puzzle is done!

Set your goals! Visualisation, perseverance and PMA will get you where you want to be! Just like doing a jigsaw puzzle!

Who are you?

I was listening to a podcast this morning, and the host made the point that with COVID and lockdown, many of us are suffering with stress and depression because of our self identification with our jobs, our self appointed roles. And that’s a very long sentence! In more ways than one!

But the point struck home with me. More to do with my job, but I guess the point to be made is easier with the following.

At points in my life I was a punk, I was a skater, amongst other things and I self identified with these “tribes”.

I still listen to some punk, but listen to a lot of other genres too, but I’m a lot older now and have no need to self identify with that tribe. No more scene politics, no scene police, just enjoying music for what it is.

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’ve chosen not to self identify with something that causes conflict, is that a better way of saying it?

This could apply equally to football, to clubs, associations, area codes, whatever.

Ego is the enemy.

It is our own opinions that disturb us. Take away these opinions then, and resolve to dismiss your judgment about an act as if it were something grievous, and your anger is gone.” – Marcus Aurelius

Natural Born Talent… part two

Took a while to get back to this thought! So much has been going on recently!

So I saw a post by Steve Caballero over on Instagram, and it summed up perfectly the point I was trying to make in that last post…

People see the end result – they are the success and the skill obtained through patience, hard work, the grind, hustle, practise, planning, self sacrifice and so on.

And they ascribe it to ‘talent”

Is there a reason for this? Maybe.

Could it be because people know deep down inside what it takes to be a success, to be seen as a talented individual, and they don’t have it in them? Or they aren’t prepared to sacrifice so much to, in their eyes, “make it”

It’s all within our reach, as Marcus Aurelius once stated “Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”

Have an awesome day!

Natural Born Talent…

I saw someone on a Youtube video this morning claiming that a very famous skateboarder didn’t get to be as good as he is by hard work, but rather by natural born talent.

Not one person on this earth is born being able to drop into a vert ramp, or do a McTwist, or paint the Mona Lisa. But every single person on earth is born with the capacity to learn.

more on this later!

have an awesome day!

PMA, horses and dinosaurs.

This came in the newsletter from the Napoleon Hill Foundation today…

No one could ride a horse if the horse discovered its real strength. The same thing is true for people.
Horses are massive, gentle creatures who are by far larger and stronger than the men and women who handle them, yet they docilely obey the commands they are given. It doesn’t seem logical that a large, powerful animal would allow itself to be mastered by a human being, yet we have been able to use our intelligence to dominate the animal kingdom. You can use these same forces to allow the positive side of yourself to dominate the negative. A Positive Mental Attitude allows you to tap the source of great power that resides within you, enabling you to accomplish things you never before believed were possible.


Self belief is key! As someone once said “If you can believe in Santa Claus for 10 years you can believe in yourself for a minute!”

PMA is self belief, it’s faith. You believe the roof over your head is going to stay exactly where it is, why not believe that as a human being you are 100% capable of anything any other human being has done? Self belief, focus and dedication are the keys.


Satisfaction is the death of desire…

Is an album by Hatebreed, and I believe its a super important idea.

If you are satisfied with everything, desire is dead. As an artist,or any profession, when you think you have learned everything, BAM! someone does it better and takes it further!

Dissatisfaction is so important, you failed at something, desire to complete that goal takes that failure and pushes you to hit those goals, but to be satisfied with everything is in effect, surrender. Surrender to someone else’s ideals and concepts.

Satisfaction is in effect, resting on your laurels, standing still. Standing still never won a race. Standing still never felt accomplishment, Standing still is game over.

Dissatisfaction and desire are what motivation is made from. Embrace it!

And listen to Hatebreed!

And learn something new everyday!

PMA and dogs.

How lucky are dogs! “They have no preconceived notions of their limitations”! And that is exactly who we should see our own lives! Children have no concept of their limitations until it’s drummed into them, but imagine the possibilities without limitations!

Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also. – Marcus Aurelius

Of course if your strength is unequal right now, that becomes a goal to work towards so you can achieve your aim, but limitations are in the “enemy mind”.

The Grudge.

Not the films. Although the prequel TV series on Netflix is insane. But I digress. I’ve been infamous in the past for holding grudges, to the point at times I had forgotten why I even had beef with someone, and had to ask somebody else why. I pretty much woke up everyday, and decided to focus on bitterness and let those who had crossed me live rent free in my head. I made that decision!

Why the hell would anyone do that to themselves? Life is hard enough at times as it is, without creating new troubles for yourself.

There are so many more important things in life, skateboarding, art, being greeted by your pet dog when you’ve left the room for ten minutes, realising how awesome the blue in the sky really is. So many things to be grateful for.

Dwell on the awesome things in life. Wasting your entire day, week, month, years on something somebody once did pales into comparison to all of the blessings in our lives.

This post is beginning to remind me of being at school, and a teacher would say to the chaos of the classroom “It’s your time you are wasting…”

It was MY time on earth I was wasting. And what a difference a negative to positive mindset makes!

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you” – Lewis B Smedes


I put Youtube on my tv this morning, and this story came up. It’s an awesome example of PMA at work, on so many levels, gratitude, motivation, goals, focus, determination, stick-with-it-ness! It’s the story of a skater called Mogely, who is on the Braille skateboards team.

“When you make a deliberate decision to take control of your mind and feed it positive, constructive thoughts, you are on your way to taking control of your life. The thoughts you allow to dominate your mind will determine what you will get from life.” – Napoleon Hill

The enemy mind

John Joseph, in his book “The PMA Effect” talks about what he “The Enemy Mind”. Summed up in this paragrph from his book “…Think about the times you gave up on something difficult and analyze why. Nine times out of ten it was the voice in your head conning and deceiving you”

The Enemy Mind is what Dr Steve Peters calls your “inner chimp”. So it’s the part of the brain that acts impulsively, kicks in fight or flight mode, takes the path of least resistance, believe its protecting but really it is neglecting.

The Enemy Mind and the Inner Chimp are what Freud called the id. So in Freudian terms, id, takes actions on impulse.

Where am I going with this?

Well recently I was tested. And I was found wanting. A friend of mine made an observation, which in his head he was taking as an attempt to help out, and my enemy mind interpreted as an insult. And I lost my shit. To put it politely. And I felt deflated afterwards, truly broken. I had let stress* get to me, and let uncertainty and anxiety about the future fill my mind. And I snapped.

In reflection, it was over nothing, and if I had talked through what he had said it would have amounted to nothing. In fact it would have had a benefit to my business. And it has had a benefit to my business now!

And so many lessons learned in hindsight. It got me thinking of the phrase “Pride comes before a fall” words which you have no doubt heard, and dismissed as just an old saying. I did anyway! But so much wisdom packed into one phrase! And it brings us back to The Enemy Mind!

In my head, I went on the defensive straight away because I saw my achievements being diminished. This wasn’t the intent, but BAM! My Pride led to me blowing up in rage, and then I had fallen.

Damn this Enemy Mind.

Anyways, lessons learned, have an awesome day!

*Stress and uncertainty, meaning the current pandemic situation in the UK where we do not know from week to week whether the government is going to close down which business sector. It’s crazy, it’s unfair, but as I cannot do anything about, I must keep on keeping on, and concentrate on the things I can do, not anything which is outside of my control.